top best IO multiplayer game reviews

2 best IO game reviews

1: bonk io
2: zombs royale io

1Bonk io – Best Arcade Game

As I m talking about arcade games, Bonk io is one of the best arcade games that I have been played ever. It is a multiplayer game and the best arcade game. In this game, you have to control a ball which other players try to bounce it out. You have to remain at the end to win this game. There are dozens of customize maps in this game. You can pick out of those maps or you can also design your own map to make your own world. You can play this game with your friends also to enjoy in a better way as your opponents. You must become heavier to win the game. As how much heavy you are is to difficult to defeat you. You also have to push your enemies out of bound to survive in the game. It is also a strategy and skill game. Gradually, The Levels become more difficult as it becomes more difficult to survive in the game. The graphics of the game are so amazing that you will surely love to play this game again and again. You must use arrow keys to move the ball and press X to become heavier to play this amazing game.

Zomb Royale io

Fortnite is one of the benchmarks for the battle royal sort of the games. All in all, the point is, would you like to play it here on your browser? Awesome, I am discussing Zombs Royale game to play online here on the browser of your pc. The gameplay of Zombs Royale io is same as the Fortnite, and here also you will battle with hundred players on the net and you have to murder them all to get success in the game. In this game, you will roll into a map to fight with the many players on the map. You are controlled in a plane, and to get arrive on the map, you have to press the spacebar or E key and hop off the plane. As you have arrived on the earth of death, you have to secure yourself, search for ammunition and discover a few weapons with the goal that you could ensure yourself and rest will do like the same. At the moment that you think you are lost your health, you can again get your health by drinking potions and to fill your shield bar. Try not to go into the storm, going into the tempest can influence you, don’t think going into this. The storm can begin shutting into the diverse focuses into the map; a circle on the right-hand side will guide you to it. There are three kinds of gameplay right now you are offered with, and you have to pick one to kick the game started on your browser.